How to live a healthy life

For so long, the most common belief is if an individual exercises, he has a high chance of losing weight and becoming fit. But this is opposed by a group of scientists saying that exercise such as running and swimming are not effective tools to slim down. This is based on some studies showing men and women did not lose enough weight after following a structured workout program.

In a recent research paper, experts emphasized that unless you engage in a complete amount of aerobic fitness training is very high, clinically large weight loss is implausible to happen.

You should take a look at your calendar if you see no significant results after running for quite long. Running for more than 30 minutes a day or a couple of 40-minute runs weekly won’t be sufficient to burn a lot of calories. If you really wish to lose a pound weekly, you have to slash 500 calories daily, through a combination of exercise, diet and supplements.